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Hospitality has been a growth sector across all markets for many years now, and whilst Benchmark has been involved in the sale of very many restaurants and cafes for sale over the last thirteen plus years, we have learned that this is a market sector that really requires a dedicated specialist professional broker to properly assist buyers purchasing, and sellers selling, a hospitality business in this market.

Through working on the sale of countless cafes for sale and restaurants we have learned to identify a pricing and valuation method specifically relating to the current state of the market – which can be quite volatile, and has demonstrated significant changes in buyer demand and sales volumes in recent years.

When we are engaged to sell and/or value a café or restaurant, we analyse gross margins, assess the financials, conduct a risk assessment, and take into account comparative sales of similar businesses in the current market – to enable proper pricing to be established and applied.

That there are several segments to this industry sector, and that differing pricing practices are to be applied to each segment. Identified sectors include:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial takeaways
  • Franchised food outlets
  • Itinerant vendors
  • Cafes for sale
  • Caterers
  • Bars/hotels/nightclubs

We are very proud of our strong track record of sales in this sector, and of the many satisfied clients that we have assisted since 1996.

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Client Testimonials

"Rekha Sharma , 01 Feb 2018 He always gets the job done and is 100% committed Once again I’ve had the pleasure to deal with John to purchase yet another salon through him. He always gets the job done and is 100% committed to tie up all the loose ends and go above and beyond to iron out any…"
"Shinade Appleman , 01 Dec 2017 I have known John for over 4 years, he helped me sell my business 3 years ago and was fantastic during the process. I now have has the pleasure of dealing with John on the other side of the table as a buyer and he was just as good and extremely helpfully in the…"