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With many years of experience in service station operation, oil company management, and real estate training, our team of professionals know how to provide service and advice to owners selling a service station and potential buyers with with an interest in the specialised service station industry.

Service Station for Sale – our specialised division is highly regarded as the go to professionals for the sale of Service Stations across Australia.

We offer advice in…

Leasing: Our industry contacts and experience allow us to assist both landlords and tenants to establish the most beneficial agreements when leasing service station sites. Whether you are landlord, or seek a tenancy – we can assist you to ensure your receive a fair deal and maximum benefits.

Business and Property Appraisal: Service Station Sales Australia offer a business valuation and property appraisal service for all purposes – partnership splits, bank requirements, asset assessment, deceased estates, succession, resumption, business sale. Our database of historical sales and leasing information allows us to offer accurate and realistic appraisal based on market valuation and not only theoretical methodologies.

Business and Property Sales: Service Station Sales Australia have instigated and completed the sale of hundreds of service station businesses and properties across Australia since 1999. Every week we list new service stations for sale, and we believe that no other company has sold as many service stations as we have at Service Station Sales Australia. Do you have a service station for sale? Talk to our team for professional advice on how to achieve a successful sale.

The Team

Bruce Coudrey

Bud Baddour

Karthik Arasu

Jacob Reeson

Client Testimonials

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"Lincoln's professionalism and experience is very apparent and he secured an excellent and qualified buyer. The buyer’s process was a little unusual and a bit daunting, however Lincoln displayed commitment, understanding, and readily assisted me with lease negotiations with the existing tenant to…"