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Lincoln Bridge

Ian Salter

Conny White

Russell Brockie

Owen Mitchell

Andrew Urquhart

Jo-Anne Wilson

Bruce Rylance

Brian Sander

John Kasapi

Mathew Hartley

Wolfgang Groh

Tu Nguyen

Karthik Arasu

Jacob Reeson

David Zampech

Andrew Yoannidis

Glenn Irving

Ian Haggerty

Derek J Wallbridge

Steve Plant

Reece O'Sullivan

Roger Zhao

Keith Brewster

Andrew Morris

Mark Crapper

Kenny Koh

Frank Muller

Mick Godwin

Clay Cini

Venn Williams

Karl Barban

Rajiv Rajan

Sam Craven

Steve Wheeler

Ziggy Frankenfeld

Melanie Cordony

Mark Zamel

Bruno Del Re

Manish Tripathi

Laurance Romano

James Whittle

Micky Souvlis

Lachlan Swan

Sartaj Natt

Paul Nielsen

Kurt Simpson

Maurice Wolman

Liane Griffin

Dean Demeyer

Dino Crivelli

Penny Lee

Administration Team

Bruce Coudrey Benchmark Business Broker

Bruce Coudrey

Ashlee Griffin

Ashlee Boden

Jay Schaeffer

Jay Schaeffer

Samantha Miller

Samantha Millar

Dinesh Paramsothy

Dinesh Paramsothy

Courtney Mardesic

Courtney Mardesic

Gherlyn Coloma

Gherlyn Coloma

Marc Vincent Peralta

Marc Vincent Peralta

Shamayne Jerrett

Shamayne Jerrett

About Bruce Coudrey.

Bruce is the Director and Owner of Benchmark Business Sales and Valuations – a dynamic business focussed on helping business owners to realise the maximum value in their businesses by connecting them with the most suitable buyers.

With a career that commenced in 1995, Bruce is passionate about helping his clients and his team of brokers around Australia to achieve positive results.

The many success stories that he has helped write since starting out in 1995 evidences his skill and expertise as a business advisor, valuer and negotiator.

“In the years since starting my first business I have owned many successful ventures and have learned a lot – mainly from making many fundamental mistakes… and from vowing not to repeat those mistakes again!”

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