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Business Broking is a Lifestyle Choice.

With potential to earn “uncapped” income which can help you realise your own personal dreams.

Business brokerage allows you to be an independent business person, with an income potential that is open-ended, offering an excellent lifestyle. However, it also requires hard work, discipline, the ability to work with people, and a desire to help them – all coupled with a willingness to learn.


Being a business broker is really like having your own business – working within our business - giving you flexibility and lifestyle options.

A business broker acts as an intermediary between a seller and a buyer. A business broker always works to protect the confidentiality of the seller, and to represent the best interests of the seller.

To be a business broker in Australia you will need to obtain correct licensing in your state. Benchmark can assist you with this process.

Over the last 21 years Benchmark has earned reputation as a leader in business sales in Australia. This is a consequence of simply getting results for our clients.

The key to our success is that we engage with specialists – not just salespeople, and we ensure that the business brokers that work with Benchmark have expertise in one or more areas. Together we capitalise on that expertise by working in that area of speciality.

For Example: Restaurant owners sell restaurants, logistics specialists sell transport businesses etc.

At Benchmark we have also learned that simply adding more brokers to our team – for the sake of having a larger team than other companies, is not productive. We have learned that we need to respond to demands to grow. This philosophy has led to success in many ways.

Our brokers are more successful, our clients are better served, and we attract more quality business owners to work with us – because we get results.

Join the award-winning team

Uncapped earning potential.

Work from home. Work from the office. Work your own hours. Take holidays when you want.

Are you ready to run? We have leads. We have the database.

Opportunity to run your own business, but without having to start from scratch.

We will give you access to all of the tools you will need to become successful.

Areas of Demand Change Regularly

Some of our opportunities include:

  • Service Station broker in Queensland and Sydney
  • RTO broker in Sydney
  • Hospitality broker in Sydney
  • Salon Sale specialist in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Automotive Industry specialists in all states
  • Franchise brokers in Sydney and Brisbane
  • General business broker in Darwin

The BENCHMARK philosophy is different, you don’t work for BENCHMARK, we work to help you.

Come and see how this different philosophy works for you too. Our performance-based compensation plan removes the limits from your earnings potential, and allows you to enjoy a very lucrative career, but this also means that you must demonstrate an ability to support yourself financially during the start-up phase, which usually takes around four to five months.

When you join BENCHMARK, you are choosing to team up with one of Australia’s largest business broking firms. BENCHMARK has been instrumental in the sale of 1,000’s of businesses across Australia – in fact, we conduct at least 200 transactions a year, and BENCHMARK is one of Australia’s largest brokerages.

As a BENCHMARK Business Broker, you will be working daily with other professionals, business owners, buyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, financial institutions, as well as franchisors and governments.

You will serve people from all walks of life. They will come to you for help to sell (or buy) a business. You will be their negotiator, counsellor, marketer, advisor and confidant. You have the opportunity to help shape many people’s futures, and really make a difference. Your personal integrity will not just be supremely important – it will be paramount.

What We Provide For Our Brokers

  • An office to work from in each state
  • Access to a huge database of sellers and buyers
  • Valuable industry connections and leads to follow up
  • Exposure to our comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Full suite of readymade marketing materials
  • Regular, ongoing training & coaching
  • The opportunity to earn an amazing income and live the lifestyle of their choice

At BENCHMARK we have successfully trained people from many different backgrounds to become a business broker. Almost all BENCHMARK brokers have operated their own businesses – so we really know what it’s like to be in business. We understand the process of buying and selling and the emotional stress that it can have on both the buyer and seller.

The Benchmark philosophy is different – You don’t work for Benchmark, we work to help you. Come and see how this different philosophy works for you. To find out more please send your CV to:


Australia’s Business Brokers


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