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It is wise to understand the market value of your business. Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations is uniquely positioned to provide business owners with certified business valuations. Benchmark’s registered business valuers utilise actual current market sales when assessing the market value of a business.

Benchmark has Registered Business Valuers working in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia – and we are able to provide business appraisal and valuations (under engagement), across those states. With many years of experience and training – our team has the knowledge and understanding to provide clients with market-based business valuations and appraisals.

In general, the value of a business will rely on an analysis of the company’s cash flow, future risks, future opportunities, market demand, and sales evidence. At Benchmark we have many years of sales data (evidence) to call upon to support the assessed business value. We are some of Australia’s most experienced business valuers.

With a Business Valuation from Benchmark’s “Business Valuer” division you can be assured that the result is a reflection of the real market value of your business.

Don’t simply guess what your asset is worth – have its value professionally assessed in a Certified Business Valuation. Click here to contact us for a Business Valuation.


  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • GST Issues
  • Preparation for sale
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Business Planning
  • Management Buy-out
  • Merger or Acquisition
  • Business Planning
  • State Transfer Duty
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning

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Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations is one of Australia’s Largest Business Brokerage firms.

Founded in 1999, we are a family owned business brokering firm, selling businesses across four states, with over 40 specialist business brokers located throughout Australia.

At any point in time we have over 500 businesses for sale – and have accumulated a huge database of settled business sales data thanks to our success in selling businesses over so many years.

Benchmark can sell your business in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria or South Australia. Our Business Brokers have the expertise to help clients find a business for sale or in selling a business.

We have consistently sold more businesses each year, and we have seen our team grow each year, as business owners discover Benchmark’s simple formula to assist people in Selling a Business, or Buying a Business.

At Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations you deal with specialists, not just salespeople.

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