Seeking data on Business Sales in Australia?


Our Business Brokers have sold thousands of businesses over the years and as a result we have accumulated a lot of historical sales data on business transactions Australia wide. Search our sales data table below for immediate information. Get in touch with our business brokers for even more in depth market statistics and data.

The table below can be sorted by date of business sale, location of the sold business, the type of business sold and the business sale price.

DateLocationBusiness TypePrice
3-May-17QLDCafe - Leasehold$80,000
2-May-17QLDTakeaway Shop - Leasehold$89,000
28-Apr-17VICHair & Beauty Salon - Leasehold$150,000
24-Apr-17BrisbaneCleaning Service Business$158,000
21-Apr-17NSWChildcare - Freehold$460,000
18-Apr-17BrisbaneCafe - Leasehold$130,000
12-Apr-17QLDChildcare - Freehold$1,790,000
10-Apr-17QLDBeauty Spa$380,000
7-Apr-17QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$85,000
5-Apr-17BrisbaneHair Salon$23,000
3-Apr-17QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$1,100,000 + Stock
31-Mar-17QLDBeauty Salon - Leasehold$284,900
31-Mar-17VICCar Wash - Leasehold$180,000
30-Mar-17VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$325,000
29-Mar-17QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$725,000 + Stock
28-Mar-17QLDChinese Restaurant - Leasehold$210,000
27-Mar-17QLDChildcare - Freehold$1,442,000
24-Mar-17QLDRestauranat & Cafe$260,000
14-Mar-17QLDRepair Services$60,000
14-Mar-17VICRTO - Leasehold$960,000
14-Mar-17NSWFreehold Property$1,450,000
10-Mar-17QLDEarly Learning Centre$750,000
1-Mar-17QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$1,738,000
1-Mar-17VICService Station - Freehold$1,300,000
27-Feb-17SAHair Salon - Leasehold$42,000
24-Feb-17QueenslandBuilding Material Supplier$2,400,000
21-Feb-17QueenslandSupermarket - Leasehold$555,000
17-Feb-17AdelaideChildcare - Leasehold$1,710,000
17-Feb-17AdelaideChildcare - Freehold$510,000
15-Feb-17MelbourneAccountancy Firm$310,000
3-Feb-17NSWOffice Supplies$275,000
25-Jan-17QueenslandKitchen Fitouts$1,550,000
16-Jan-17AdelaideHair Salon86,000
30-Dec-16NSWFreehold Property$165,000 + GST
21-Dec-16QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$390,000 + Stock
16-Dec-16ToowoombaSupermarket - Leasehold$215,000 + Stock
12-Dec-16BrisbaneSupermarket - Leasehold$1,000,000
12-Dec-16QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$390,000 + Stock
12-Dec-16QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$28,000
8-Dec-16QLDSupermarket - Freehold$1,000,000
7-Dec-16Gold CoastHair Salon - Leasehold$247,500
6-Dec-16AdelaideNewsagency - Leasehold$110,000
6-Dec-16QLDService Station - Leasehold$270,000 + Stock
5-Dec-16QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$540,000 + Stock
5-Dec-16AdelaideFast Food - Leasehold$80,000
28-Nov-16AdelaideBeauty Salon - Leasehold$80,000
25-Nov-16NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$3,050,000
25-Nov-16NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$4,150,000
21-Nov-16BrisbaneWelding Supply Company$195,000
21-Nov-16AdelaideBeauty Salon - Leasehold$60,000
18-Nov-16BrisbaneHair Salon - Leasehold$40,000
14-Nov-16BrisbanePizzeria$155,000 + Stock
14-Nov-16BrisbaneChildcare Centre - Leasehold$970,000
11-Nov-16VICHair and Beauty Salon$25,000
8-Nov-16BrisbaneRegistered Training Organisation$50,000
7-Nov-16Gold CoastHair and Beauty Salon$135,000 + Stock
7-Nov-16NationalFood Products Supplier$11,000,000 + Stock
7-Nov-16Gold CoastIGA Supermarket - Leasehold$750,000 + Stock
3-Nov-16VICHair and Beauty Salon$25,000
31-Oct-16NSWIGA Supermarket - Leasehold$750,000
31-Oct-16AdelaideBeauty Salon - Leasehold$96,500
28-Oct-16QLDWholesaler$525,000 + Stock
28-Oct-16Gold CoastIGA Supermarket - Leasehold$1,390,000
24-Oct-16Gold CoastIGA Supermarket - Leasehold$850,000
24-Oct-16QLDRed Rooster Franchise - Leasehold$1,335,500
24-Oct-16VICRegistered Training Organisation$1,200,000
24-Oct-16VICHair and Beauty Salon$100,000
19-Oct-16QLDService Station - Freehold$875,000
17-Oct-16QLDService Station - Freehold$875,000
12-Oct-16Gold CoastClothing Store$26,000 + Stock
12-Oct-16MelbourneJuice Shop$682,000
3-Oct-16MelbourneService Station - Leasehold$400,000 + Stock
28-Sep-16VICHair and Beauty Salon$13,000
28-Sep-16QLDSupermarket - Leasehold and Freehold$1,300,000
27-Sep-16VICHair Saon$65,000 + Stock
27-Sep-16AdelaideDental Clinic$1,400,000
26-Sep-16TASFood Products Supplier$3,600,000 + Stock
26-Sep-16AdelaideBeauty Salon$117,000
21-Sep-16VICBeauty Salon$255,000
19-Sep-16QLDWater Treatment - Leasehold$2,950,000
14-Sep-16QLDCafe - Leasehold$450,000
12-Sep-16QLDFast Food - Leasehold$1,210,000
12-Sep-16QLDBuilding - Leasehold$900,000
8-Sep-16Gold CoastConvenience Store - Leasehold$600,000
5-Sep-16SAHair Salon - Leasehold$48,000
30-Aug-16QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$880,000
29-Aug-16SAFast Food - Leasehold$23,500
23-Aug-16QLDCafe - Leasehold$235,000
22-Aug-16QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$590,000
22-Aug-16SABeauty Salon - Leasehold$90,000
19-Aug-16QLDWholesale Liquor - Leasehold$250,000
17-Aug-16VICChildcare Centre - leasehold$1,100,000
16-Aug-16QLDRestaurant - Leasehold$50,000
15-Aug-16VICHair Salon - Leasehold$280,000
10-Aug-16QLDMarine Business - Leasehold$875,000
10-Aug-16Sunshine CoastSupermarket - Leasehold$350,000
9-Aug-16QLDAntenna Business - Leasehold$120,292
8-Aug-16VICHair Salon - Leasehold$25,000
5-Aug-16VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$27,000
4-Aug-16VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$100,000
1-Aug-16VICCafe - Leasehold$907,000
1-Aug-16Bribie IslandMarine Business - Leasehold$351,500
1-Aug-16BrisbaneCafe - Leasehold$360,000
1-Aug-16Gold CoastRestaurant - Leasehold$1,850,000
29-Jul-16VICCafe - Leasehold$250,000
29-Jul-16QLDTyre Dealership - Leasehold$80,000
29-Jul-16QLDResidential - Land$200,000
29-Jul-16QLDCommercial - Property$170,000
25-Jul-16BrisbaneTakeaway Shop - Leasehold$135,000
25-Jul-16Gold CoastFreehold Property$400,000
25-Jul-16Gold CoastMotel - Leasehold$1,500,000.00
25-Jul-16AdelaideHair Salon - Leasehold$109,500
23-Jul-16VICHair Salon - Leasehold$70,000 + +Stock
15-Jul-16BrisbaneHair Salon - Leasehold$68,000 + SAV
14-Jul-16NSWSupermarket - Leasehold$535,000 + Stock
8-Jul-16BrisbaneSupermarket - Leasehold$1,270,000.00
8-Jul-16AdelaideMattress Store - Leasehold$120,000.00
8-Jul-16Gold CoastNightclub - Leasehold$10,000.00
7-Jul-16QLDSign Making Business - Leasehold$275,000 + Stock
5-Jul-16VICBarber Shop - Leasehold$119,000.00
4-Jul-16Gold CoastFish & Chips Restaurant - Leasehold$37,500.00
30-Jun-16VICHair Salon - Leasehold$61,000 + Stock
27-Jun-16VICRoadhouse - Leasehold$1,650,000
21-Jun-16VICCafe - Leasehold$690,000
20-Jun-16AdelaideRestaurant - Leasehold$177,691
17-Jun-16QLDAnti Snoring Product$230,000
6-Jun-16AdelaideHair Salon - Leasehold$38,000 + Stock
7-Jun-16BrisbaneRestaurant & Bar - Leasehold$530,000 + Stock
6-Jun-16BrisbaneSupermarket - Leasehold$50,000
30-May-16AdelaideSporting Goods Store - Leasehold$245,000 + Stock
30-May-16VICHair Salon - Leasehold$185,000
26-May-16VICService Station - Leasehold$600,000
16-May-16BrisbanePizza Restaurant - Leasehold$85,000
13-May-16BrisbaneRestaurant & Bar - Leasehold$700,000
11-May-16AdelaideHair Salon - Leasehold$150,000 + Stock
9-May-16VICHair Salon - Leasehold$114,000 + Stock
9-May-16VICRestaurant & Bar - Leasehold$115,000
9-May-16AdelaideChinese Restaurant - Leasehold$40,000
5-May-16AdelaideFreehold Property$328,000
30-Apr-16QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$52,500
29-Apr-16AdelaideNewsagency - Leasehold$150,000
27-Apr-16QLDScreenprinting Business$195,000
21-Apr-16VICHair Salon - Leasehold$87,000
20-Apr-16QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$37,500
19-Apr-16QLDRent Rolls Business$170,000
19-Apr-16AdelaideSushi Takeaway Restaurant - Leasehold$44,000
18-Apr-16NSWBeauty Salon - Leasehold$85,000
18-Apr-16QLDCafe - Leasehold$60,000
12-Apr-16QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$55,000 + Stock
21-Mar-16AdelaideHair Salon - Leasehold$30,000
17-Mar-16QLDPatisserie - Leasehold$335,000
17-Mar-16QLDCafe - Leasehold$310,000 + Stock
16-Mar-16AdelaideSupermarket - Leasehold$115,000
11-Mar-16VICCafe - Leasehold$460,000
11-Mar-16AdelaideChildcare - Leasehold$3,200,000
10-Mar-16VICHair Salon - Leasehold$90,000
1-Mar-16VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$25,000 + Stock
1-Mar-16VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$10,000 + Stock
1-Mar-16AdelaideHair Salon - Leasehold$150,000
29-Feb-16VICRestaurant - Leasehold$65,000
24-Feb-16AdelaideCafe - Leasehold$1,345,000
24-Feb-16QLDChildcare Centre - Freehold$1,110,000
22-Feb-16AdelaideHair & Beauty Salon - Leasehold$47,000
17-Feb-16VICHair Salon - Leasehold$55,000
17-Feb-16QLDPasta Restaurant - Leasehold$112,500
15-Feb-16VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$140,000 + Stock
12-Feb-16QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$30,000
9-Feb-16QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$65,000
9-Feb-16QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$13,000
8-Feb-16AdelaideHair & Beauty Salon - Leasehold$85,000
8-Feb-16VICDay Spa - Leasehold$170,000 + Stock
4-Feb-16NSWSupermarket - Leasehold$770,000
29-Jan-16VICCoffee Shop - Leasehold$10,000 + Stock
21-Jan-15VICRestaurant - Leasehold$145,000
10-Jan-16QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$370,000
7-Jan-16QLDRestaurant/Bar - Leasehold$450,000
23-Dec-15QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$15,000 + Stock
22-Dec-15VICCoffee Shop - Leasehold$2,093,833
21-Dec-15VICHair Salon - Leasehold$165,000
21-Dec-15VICCafe - Leasehold$2,300,000
16-Dec-15VICNail Salon - Leasehold$40,000
15-Dec-15NSWSupermarket - Leasehold$850,000
14-Dec-15QLDWebsite Design 7 Online Marketing - Leasehold$70,000
14-Dec-15QLDCake Shop - Leasehold$175,000
14-Dec-15QLDHair & Beauty Salon - Leasehold$37,500
11-Dec-15QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$635,000
11-Dec-15QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$14,091 + GST
9-Dec-15VICService Station - LeaseholD$250,000
8-Dec-15VICPastry Shop - Leasehold$1,050,000
7-Dec-15QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$1,500 + GST
4-Dec-15VICHair Salon - Leasehold$5,000 + GST
4-Dec-15QLDCleaning Service Business - Leasehold and Freehold$985,000
4-Dec-15VICPizza Bar - Leasehold$45,000
3-Dec-15QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$640,000
3-Dec-15AdelaideLaser and Cosmetic - Leasehold$1,100,000
1-Dec-15QLDSupermarket - Freehold & Leasehold$1,100,000
27-Nov-15QLDSupermarket - Freehold & Leasehold$850,000
26-Nov-15NSWHair Salon - Leasehold$11,100
23-Nov-15NSWSupermarket - Leasehold$450,000
23-Nov-15VICCoffee Shop - Leasehold$900,000
20-Nov-15QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$5,550
20-Nov-15QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$1,000
20-Nov-15QLDHair Salon - Leasehold$2,000
20-Nov-15NSWHair Salon - Leasehold$1,665
20-Nov-15VICCafe - Leasehold$575,000
13-Nov-15AdelaideHair Salon - Leasehold$58,000
13-Nov-15QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$80,000 + Stock
11-Nov-15QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$635,000
11-Nov-15QLDRestaurant - Leasehold$800,000
9-Nov-15VICHair Salon - Leasehold$100,000 + Stock
9-Nov-15VICHair Salon - Leasehold$63,000 + Stock
9-Nov-15AdelaideBeauty Salon - Leasehold$38,500
6-Nov-15QLDHomewares - Leasehold$90,000 + Stock
4-Nov-15VICDay Spa - Leasehold$40,000 + Stock
2-Nov-15QLDFlorist - Leasehold$145,000
2-Nov-15QLDFlorist - Leasehold$150,000
29-Oct-15VICRestaurant - Leasehold$950,000
22-Oct-15QLDService Station - Freehold$1,300,000
19-Oct-15VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$103,000
12-Oct-15QLDPizza Shop - Leaaehold$160,000
12-Oct-15QLDService Station - Leasehold$715,000
6-Oct-15NSWDay Spa - Leasehold$200,000
5-Oct-15AdelaideBeauty Salon - Leasehold$42,000
1-Oct-15QLDAs Seen on TV Retaill Store - Leasehold$49,000
1-Oct-15VICHair Salon - Freehold$17,000 + GST
25-Sep-15NSWSupermarket - Leasehold$87,500
16-Sep-15QLDPizza Shop - Freehold$27,500
14-Sep-15AdelaideHair Salon - Leasehold$127,500
14-Sep-15QLDPizza Hut Franchise - Leasehold$400,000
11-Sep-15VICOnline Manufacturer - Leasehold$495,000
11-Sep-15VICHair Salon - Leasehold$245,000
9-Sep-15VICBarber Shop - Leasehold$36,000
8-Sep-15BrisbaneBeauty Salon - Leasehold$75,000
1-Sep-15AdelaideStationery - Leasehold$100,000 + Stock
31-Aug-15AdelaideMobile Supplier - Leasehold$102,000
31-Aug-15AdelaidePet Shop - Leasehold$10,000 + Stock ($20,000)
31-Aug-15VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$90,000 + Stock
28-Aug-15QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$2,700,000
27-Aug-15NSWAuto Leaders Franchise- Leasehold$120,000
21-Aug-15BrisbaneEspresso Bar - Leasehold$130,000
17-Aug-15BrisbaneMidas Automotive Franchise - Leasehold$245,000
14-Aug-15AdelaideHair Salon - Leasehold$65,000 + Stock
12-Aug-15QLDEarthborn Franchise - Leasehold$100,000
27-Jul-15AdelaideCafe - Leasehold$90,500
24-Jul-15NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$450,000
23-Jul-15NSWSupermarket - Leasehold$200,000
21-Jul-15BrisbaneBakery - Leasehold$240,000
21-Jul-15QLDRed Rooster Franchise - Leasehold$25,000 + Stock
20-Jul-15QLDCafe - Leasehold$55,745 + Stock
16-Jul-15Gold CoastRestaurant - Leasehold$20,000 + Stock
14-Jul-15BrisbaneHair & Beauty Salon - Leasehold$35,000
6-Jul-15VICBarber Shop - Leasehold$123,000
2-Jul-15QLDRed Rooster Franchise - Leasehold$400,000
1-Jul-15BrisbaneHair Salon - Leasehold$46,200
30-Jun-15BrisbaneStorage Business - Leasehold$85,000 + Stock
29-Jun-15AdelaideCafe - Leasehold$415,000
29-Jun-15VICCafe - Leasehold$45,000
22-Jun-15AdelaideTiles Business - Leasehold$950,000
22-Jun-15VICCafe - Leasehold$25,000 + Stock
19-Jun-15Gold CoastMarine Business - Leasehold$490,000
10-Jun-15QLDChocolate Shop - Leasehold$50,000 + Stock
10-Jun-15VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$15,000 + Stock
4-Jun-15VICSupermarket - Leasehold$395,000
2-Jun-15AdelaidePet Grooming - Leasehold$159,000
1-Jun-15BrisbaneRTO - Leasehold$85,000
27-May-15VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$7,500
25-May-15QLDChildren Playcentre - Leasehold$25,000
25-May-15QLDLegal Services - Leasehold$45,000 + Stock
25-May-15NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$2,800,000
22-May-15BrisbaneBeauty Salon - Leasehold$19,000 + Stock
19-May-15QLDUniform Distribution - Leasehold$145,000
18-May-15VICCafe - Leasehold$75,000 + Stock
18-May-15QLDCar Wash - Leasehold$145,000
18-May-15BrisbaneCafe - Leasehold$335,000
18-May-15VICSupermarket - Leasehold$45,000 + Stock
15-May-15QLDCafe - Leasehold$300,000
11-May-15QLDBin Services - Leashold$1,125,000
7-May-15VICCoffee Shop - Leasehold$20,000 + Stock
7-May-15QLDCafe - Leasehold$220,000
4-May-15QLDNeverfail Distribution - Leasehold$125,000
30-Apr-15QLDSign Business - Leasehold$395,000 WIWO
29-Apr-15BrisbaneLaser and Cosmetic - Leasehold$155,000
29-Apr-15BrisbaneLaser and Cosmetic - Leasehold$225,000
27-Apr-15QLDSupermarket - Freehold and Leasehold$2,275,000
24-Apr-15QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,050,000
23-Apr-15Gold CoastSupermarket - Leasehold$90,000
20-Apr-15Gold CoastCafe - Leasehold$165,000
21-Apr-15AdelaideRTO - Leasehold$1,000,000
20-Apr-15QLDPizza Hutt Franchise - Leasehold$270,000 + Stock
14-Apr-15QLDRoadhouse - Leasehold$625,000
4-Apr-15QLDService Station - Leasehold$140,000
30-Mar-15QLDTruckstop - Freehold$380,000
20-Mar-15QLDService Station - Freehold$900,000
20-Mar-15QLDResidential Property$600,000
16-Mar-15QLDService Station - Leasehold$190,000 + Stock
13-Mar-15VICFood Manufacturing and Dristribution Business - Leasehold$230,000
9-Mar-15QLDIGA Supermarket - Leasehold$1,150,000 + Stock
9-Mar-15BrisbaneHair Salon - Leasehold$46,500
9-Mar-15BrisbaneRestaurant - Leasehold$450,000
2-Mar-15VICLa Porchetta - Leasehold$270,000
11-Mar-15NSWAlluminium - Leasehold$450,000
28-Feb-15VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$65,000
26-Feb-15VICHair Salon - Leasehold$147,000
23-Feb-15AdelaideNewsagency - Leasehold$210,000
17-Feb-15Gold CoastMuffin Break - Leasehold$80,000
16-Feb-15NSWBeauty Salon - Leasehold$156,000 + Stock
9-Feb-15BrisbanePizza Bar - Leasehold$17,000
9-Feb-15AdelaideEmbroidery - Leasehold$155,000
5-Feb-15VICBeauty Salon - Leasehold$20,000 + Stock
30-Jan-15TASChildcare Centres (8 Sites)$2,250,000
30-Jan-15VICEspresso Bar - Leasehold$590,000
27-Jan-15QLDService Station - Leasehold$470,000 + Stock
19-Jan-15NSWService Station - Freehold and Leasehold$1,030,000
13-Jan-15AdelaideRetail - Leasehold$130,000
9-Jan-15QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,100,000
22-Dec-14VICCafe/Bar - Leasehold$600,000
22-Dec-14VICCoffee Shop - Leasehold$830,000
18-Dec-14NSWChildcare Centre - Freehold$4,800,000
15-Dec-14NSWSupermarket - Freehold$3,950,000
15-Dec-14QLDRed Rooster Franchise$1,070,000
15-Dec-14BrisbaneRTO - Leasehold$175,000
12-Dec-14QLDPizza Hut Franchise$380,000
10-Dec-14VICBakery - Leasehold$460,000
8-Dec-14QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$900,000
5-Dec-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$350,000
5-Dec-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$500,000
5-Dec-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$275,000
5-Dec-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$125,000
5-Dec-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$100,000
5-Dec-14BrisbaneEspresso Bar - Leasehold$150,000
5-Dec-14BrisbaneEspresso Bar - Leasehold$250,000
5-Dec-14BrisbaneEspresso Bar - Leasehold$250,000
2-Dec-14NSWMotel - Leasehold$190,000
28-Nov-14NSWChildcare Centre - Freehold and Leasehold$2,200,000
28-Nov-14QLD NSW VICChildcare Centre - Leasehold (11 Sites)$5,000,000
6-Nov-14VictoriaHair Salon - Leasehold$50,000
3-Nov-14QLDRed Rooster Franchise$680,000 + Stock
31-Oct-14VictoriaCoffee Shop - Leasehold$510,000 + Stock
31-Oct-14QLDClothing Retail - Leasehold$300,000
29-Oct-14QLDPrinting and Embroidery - Leasehold$170,000
27-Oct-14BrisbaneHair Salon - Leasehold$90,000
27-Oct-14QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$50,000
22-Oct-14NSWFlooring Business - Leasehold$100,000
22-Oct-14NSWSupermarket - Leasehold$1,300,000
20-Oct-14QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$760,000 + Stock
20-Oct-14AdelaideSupermarket - Leasehold$600,000
17-Oct-14NSWChildcare - Freehold and Leasehold$2,350,000
13-Oct-14NSWHair Salon - Leasehold$40,000
10-Oct-14BrisbanePizza Restaurant - Leasehold$220,000
10-Oct-14QLDChildcare - Freehold$2,000,000
9-Oct-14NSWChildcare - Leasehold$950,000
6-Oct-14VictoriaHair and Beauty Salon - Leasehold$118,000
3-Oct-14BrisbaneService Station - Leasehold$85,000 + Stock
2-Oct-14BrisbaneChildcare - Leasehold$650,000
1-Oct-14AdelaideMedical Centre - Leasehold$80,000
1-Oct-14Gold CoastHair Salon - Leasehold$45,000
29-Sep-14BrisbanePizza Hut Franchise$440,000
24-Sep-14QLDService Station - Freehold$1,050,000
19-Sep-14NSWChildcare - Leasehold$415,000
19-Sep-14NSWChildcare - Leasehold$905,000
19-Sep-14NSWChildcare - Freehold$1,394,000
19-Sep-14NSWChildcare - Freehold$1,394,000
19-Sep-14NSWChildcare - Freehold$866,000
18-Sep-14VictoriaHair Salon - Leasehold$325,000 + Stock
17-Sep-14BrisbaneSupermarket - Leasehold$399,000 + Stock
16-Sep-14BrisbaneItalian Restaurant$8,000
15-Sep-14BrisbaneSupermarket - Freehold$1,700,000
15-Sep-14Gold CoastHair Salon$25,000
8-Sep-14QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$825,000
5-Sep-14BrisbaneWater Distribution$170,000
1-Sep-14BrisbaneHair Salon$30,000 + Stock
29-Aug-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$820,000
29-Aug-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$530,000
25-Aug-14QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$960,000
22-Aug-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,050,000
18-Aug-14BrisbaneBeauty Salon$80,000
18-Aug-14QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$80,000 + Stock
15-Aug-14QLDRestaurant and Bar$150,000 + Stock
12-Aug-14QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$615,000 + Stock
11-Aug-14Gold CoastManufacturing Beauty Products$18,000
8-Aug-14QLDService Station - Freehold and Leasehold$750,000 + Stock
4-Aug-14Gold CoastCafe$115,000
1-Aug-14VictoriaSupermarket$1,100,000 + Stocl
1-Aug-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,100,000
25-Jul-14Gold CoastHair and Beauty Salon$150,000
21-Jul-14Gold CoastHair and Beauty Salon$49,000
21-Jul-14BrisbaneRed Rooster Franchise$400,000 + Stock
18-Jul-14BrisbaneWater Distribution$170,000
10-Jul-14QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$369,000 + Stock
4-Jul-14BrisbaneService Station - Leasehold$910,000 + Stock
2-Jul-14BrisbaneIndian Restaurant$20,000
1-Jul-14Gold CoastCafe$540,000
30-Jun-14QLDService Station - Freehold and Leasehold$1,800,000
27-Jun-14NSWJapanese Restaurant$165,000
27-Jun-14WAChildcare Centre - Freehold and Leasehold$2,391,300
27-Jun-14BrisbaneWholesale Coffee, Accessories and Machinery Distribution$325,000
25-Jun-14NSWCar Hire Franchise$100,000
18-Jun-14BrisbaneRed Rooster Franchise$410,000 + Stock
16-Jun-14NSWChildcare Centre - Freehold$825,000
16-Jun-14BrisbaneCleaning Service Business$105,000
13-Jun-14Gold CoastMeal packages and catering services$169,000
9-Jun-14Gold CoastRed Rooster Franchise$450,000
6-Jun-14BrisbanePizza Hut Franchise$260,000 + Stock
12-Jun-14BrisbaneHair Salon$20,000
20-May-14QLDSupermarket - Leasehold$635,000 + Stock
20-May-14QLDMedical Room - Freehold$375,362
20-May-14QLDMedical Room - Freehold$364,638
14-May-14VictoriaPastry Shop$120,000
30-Apr-14QLDRetail - Swimwear$420,000 + Stock
23-Apr-14Gold CoastHair Salon$200,000
17-Apr-14VictoriaBeauty Salon$71,700
14-Apr-14QLDService Station - Freehold$465,000
14-Apr-14QLDService Station - Leasehold$110,000 + Stock
9-Apr-14BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$180,000
7-Apr-14QLDRetail - Floor Coverings, Blinds and Awnings$255,000
2-Apr-14BrisbaneService Station - Freehold$2,100,000
31-Mar-14BrisbaneRegistered Training Organisation$220,000
31-Mar-14QLDConstruction Equipment Hire Business$155,000
31-Mar-14QLDRegistered Training Organisation$350,000
31-Mar-14BrisbaneHair Salon$42,000
27-Mar-14Gold CoastPizza Hut Franchise$525,000
19-Mar-14BrisbaneRegistered Training Organisation$1,115,000
19-Mar-14BrisbaneHair Salon$32,000
17-Mar-14BrisbanePizza Hut Franchise$380,000
3-Mar-14Gold CoastCar Cleaning Business$20,000
3-Mar-14BrisbanePrinting Business$400,000
28-Feb-14QLDChildcare Centre - Freehold$1,700,000
28-Feb-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,400,000
28-Feb-14QLDChildcare Centre - Freehold$1,388,000
28-Feb-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$2,500,000
28-Feb-14QLDChildcare Centre - Freehold$3,200,000
28-Feb-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$300,000
28-Feb-14QLDChildcare Centre - Freehold$1,200,000
28-Feb-14QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$200,000
19-Feb-14Gold CoastService Station - Leasehold$799,100
14-Feb-14Gold CoastBar & Grill$50,000
10-Feb-14VictoriaHair Salon$325,000
7-Feb-14NSWChildcare Centre - Freehold$1,540,000
7-Feb-14BrisbaneCommercial Land$1,180,000
31-Jan-14Gold CoastAmusements$50,000
30-Jan-14VictoriaPizza Shop$33,000
24-Jan-14QLDChildcare Centre - Freehold$1,320,000
20-Jan-14QLDService Station - Freehold$1,150,000
20-Jan-14QLDIGA Supermarket$380,000 + Stock
14-Jan-14BrisbaneConcrete Truck Business$155,000
10-Jan-14Gold CoastChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,460,000
8-Jan-14Gold CoastHair Salon$25,000
20-Dec-13North QLDChildcare Centre -Leasehold$1,200,000
17-Dec-13Gold CoastPizza Hut Franchise$380,000 + Stock
16-Dec-13NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,395,000
16-Dec-13Gold CoastChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,385,000
13-Dec-13QLDNational Master Food Franchise$465,000
13-Dec-13NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,250,000
11-Dec-13BrisbanePizza Hut Franchise$550,000 + Stock
6-Dec-13QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$3,350,000
6-Dec-13QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$310,000
6-Dec-13QLDChildcare Centre - Freehold$900,000
4-Dec-13QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$1,250,000
4-Dec-13QLDChildcare Centre -Leasehold$1,650,000
2-Dec-13QLDCommercial Vacant Land$1,400,000
2-Dec-13NSWHair Salon$126,000 + Stock
2-Dec-13BrisbaneHair Salon$159,000 + Stock
27-Nov-13VictoriaHair Salon$10,000
26-Nov-13Gold CoastConvenience Store and Coffee Shop$127,500
20-Nov-13BrisbanePizza Hut Franchise$320,000
18-Nov-13QLDService Station - Freehold and Leasehold$800,000
8-Nov-13South AustraliaChildcare Centre - Leasehold$840,000
5-Nov-13BrisbaneRegistered Training Organisation$975,000
4-Nov-13QLDService Station - Freehold$4,000,000
1-Nov-13VictoriaHair Salon - Freehold and Leasehold$160,000
21-Oct-13Gold CoastPizza Shop$105,000
21-Oct-13BrisbaneSupermarket$665,000 + Stock
10-Oct-13VictoriaHair Salon$16,000
10-Oct-13VictoriaHair Salon$35,000 + Stock
10-Oct-13VictoriaBeauty Salon$35,000 + Stock
8-Oct-13QLDService Station - Freehold and Leasehold$1,800,000
4-Oct-13NSWChildcare Centre - Freehold$1,280,000
30-Sep-13BrisbaneHair Salon$185,000
27-Sep-13BrisbaneChildcare Centre - Leasehold$250,000
25-Sep-13VictoriaOnline Business$55,000
25-Sep-13BrisbaneHardware Store$61,000 + Stock
23-Sep-13SydneyHair Salon$85,000
16-Sep-13BrisbaneHair Salon$85,000
11-Sep-13BrisbaneSupermarket$1,000,000 + Stock
10-Sep-13BrisbaneZarraffa's Coffee Franchise$415,000
28-Aug-13Gold CoastOnline Business$14,000
15-Aug-13NSWService Station - Leasehold$350,000
6-Aug-13Gold CoastPizza Hut Franchise$275,000 + Stock
26-Jul-13BrisbaneHair Salon$43,000
23-Jul-13BrisbaneWholesale Distribution$235,000
22-Jul-13Gold CoastCafe and Deli$435,000 + Stock
12-Jul-13NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$900,000
3-Jul-13QLDService Station - Leasehold$390,000
2-Jul-13BrisbaneService Station - Leasehold$331,000
1-Jul-13BrisbaneConcrete Truck Business$215,000
28-Jun-13QLDManufacturing Business - Freehold and Leasehold$2,150,000
24-Jun-13QLDService Station - Freehold and Leasehold$900,000
21-Jun-13NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$941,000
21-Jun-13BrisbaneConcrete Truck Business$85,000
13-Jun-13BrisbaneCatering Business$98,000
12-Jun-13Gold CoastTakeaway Food Store$190,000
7-Jun-13NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$182,000
6-Jun-13Sunshine CoastHair Salon$25,000
3-Jun-13BrisbanePizza Hut Franchise$300,000 + Stock
3-Jun-13Gold CoastSupermarket - Leasehold$650,000 + Stock
31-May-13Gold CoastSwim School$150,000
31-May-13VictoriaOffice Supplies$850,000 + Stock
31-May-13NSWSupermarket - Freehold$1,100,000
24-May-13NSWWholesale Distribution$2,500,000 + Stock
22-May-13BrisbaneHair Salon$50,000
16-May-13Gold CoastPizza Hut Franchise$330,000
13-May-13BrisbaneHair Salon$27,000
3-May-13QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$175,000
26-Apr-13NSWChildcare Centre - Leasehold$930,000
22-Apr-13Sunshine CoastTakeaway Food/Cafe$95,000
17-Apr-13BrisbaneBeauty Salon$19,000
5-Apr-13BrisbaneWholesale Produce$450,000
5-Apr-13QLDManufacturing Business$785,000
3-Apr-13VictoriaHair and Beauty Salon$95,000 + Stock
18-Mar-13BrisbaneRed Rooster Franchise$400,000
15-Mar-13BrisbaneChildcare Centre - Leasehold$280,000
11-Mar-13BrisbaneRed Rooster Franchise$415,000
6-Mar-13BrisbaneHair/Beauty Salon$50,000
4-Mar-13BrisbaneRefrigerated Transport$90,000
1-Mar-13QLDChildcare Centre - Leasehold$750,000
27-Feb-13Gold CoastTakeaway Fish and Chip Store$160,000
26-Feb-13Gold CoastAdvertising and Publication$110,000
21-Feb-13BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$62,500
18-Feb-13NSWRegistered Training Organisation$1,287,500
7-Feb-13BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$100,000
2-Feb-13QLDSoftware Production$277,000
31-Jan-13SAChildcare Centre - Freehold$1,150,000
29-Jan-13NSWHair and Beauty Salon$90,000
25-Jan-13Gold CoastHair and Beauty Salon$20,000
22-Jan-13Gold CoastWholesale Distribution$55,000
22-Jan-13BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$125,000
21-Jan-13QLDTakeaway Food - Franchise$432,000
17-Jan-13QLDRent Rolls Business$625,000
17-Jan-13QLDService Station - Leasehold$231,000
24-Dec-12QLDService Station - Freehold and Leasehold$2,200,000
21-Dec-12Gold CoastRetail - Franchise$260,000
17-Dec-12QLDService Station - Freehold and Leasehold$2,400,000
12-Dec-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$112,500
7-Dec-12QLDService Station Leasehold$300,000
5-Dec-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$30,000
3-Dec-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$48,000
3-Dec-12QLDTakeaway Food - Franchise$300,000
3-Dec-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$55,000
30-Nov-12BrisbaneCar Wash$132,000
30-Nov-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$38,000
29-Nov-12NSWService Station Leasehold$31,000
29-Nov-12NSWService Station Leasehold$70,000
23-Nov-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$40,000
19-Nov-12QLDTakeaway Food - Franchise$925,000
6-Nov-12NSWHair and Beauty Salon$64,000
1-Nov-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$38,000
31-Oct-12NSWSelf Storage Freehold$1,550,000
16-Oct-12Gold CoastHair and Beauty Salon$90,000
15-Oct-12NSWSelf Storage Freehold$740,000
9-Oct-12QLDService Station Leasehold$413,000
3-Oct-12QLDService Station Leasehold$400,000
2-Oct-12BrisbaneCar Wash$85,000
28-Sep-12QLDWholesale Distribution$850,000
28-Sep-12Gold CoastConcrete Truck$125,000
25-Sep-12QLDService Station Freehold$800,000
25-Sep-12QLDService Station Leasehold$150,000
24-Sep-12QLDSupplier _ Automotive Parts & Accessories$255,000
20-Sep-12NSWHair and Beauty Salon$117,000
17-Sep-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$23,000
10-Sep-12Gold CoastPizza Hut Franchise$310,000
31-Aug-12QLDSolar Pool Heating$115,000
20-Aug-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$38,000
20-Aug-12BrisbanePizza Hut Franchise$310,000
17-Aug-12BrisbaneWholesale/Distribution - Coffee$267,500
17-Aug-12QLDSelf Storage Facility$1,700,000
14-Aug-12Gold CoastSupermarket$84,750
13-Aug-12Gold CoastCommercial Office$280,000
6-Aug-12VictoriaHair and Beauty Salon$23,000
1-Aug-12QLDChildcare Centre Leasehold$190,000
30-Jul-12QLDRegistered Training Organisation$330,000
6-Jul-12Sunshine CoastRetail - Sports$260,000
2-Jul-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$175,000
2-Jul-12NSWHair and Beauty Salon$100,000
1-Jul-12BrisbaneConcrete Truck Business$150,000
26-Jun-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$65,000
25-Jun-12QLDChildcare Centre Leasehold$220,000
20-Jun-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$50,000
20-Jun-12Brisbane SouthsideCoffee Master Franchise$49,000
8-Jun-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$38,000
4-Jun-12BrisbaneFranchise - Cafe$214,000
1-Jun-12BrisbaneConcrete Truck Business$170,000
1-Jun-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$47,500
30-May-12BrisbaneFranchise/Retail - Bedding$150,000
10-May-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$35,000
30-Apr-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$75,000
30-Apr-12NSWChildcare Centre Leasehold$400,000
30-Apr-12NSWChildcare Centre Freehold$900,000
27-Apr-12BrisbaneOffice Supplies Leasehold$1,100,000
27-Apr-12BrisbaneOffice Supplies Freehold$1,200,000
27-Apr-12Gold CoastSupermarket$2,150,000
20-Mar-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$40,000
14-Mar-12NSWHair and Beauty Salon$60,000
2-Mar-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$30,000
1-Mar-12NSWHair and Beauty Salon$110,000
7-Feb-12QLDPizza Hut Franchise$555,000
2-Feb-12NSWHair and Beauty Salon$30,000
1-Feb-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$99,000
31-Jan-12Gold CoastHair and Beauty Salon$20,000
30-Jan-12Gold CoastPost Office$1,300,000
17-Jan-12Gold CoastConcrete Truck Business$165,000
16-Jan-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$62,500
12-Jan-12QLDService Station Leasehold$100,000
12-Jan-12QLDService Station Freehold$1,300,000
10-Jan-12BrisbaneHair and Beauty Salon$35,000

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Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations works for business owners who are looking to sell a business.

Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations brokers provide services to both public companies and private companies, – and individuals.

We specialise in the sale of businesses in the price range up to $10 million.

Our related company “Benchmark Corporate” has been established to undertake larger scale business sales transactions.

Our team has the expertise to undertake most business sales engagements.

Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations brokers are paid by the seller (Vendor) and are required to act under the relevant state legislation of each state in Australia.

Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations also provides clients with business valuation services for small business valuation and appraisal. We have five offices in four states, and over 35 specialised, qualified business brokers on our team.


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