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about Lily Small 小妍,

Lily Small 小妍- Brisbane’s Best Chinese Business Broker

Before becoming a professional business broker, Lily successfully ran her own Fashion Wholesale Supply business within Australia. Lily was hands on with the day-to-day running of her business that saw her designing her own fashion label, presenting fashion samples to retailer outlets. Lily’s strength was also cold calling on potential clients which added to her success. Her high energy and effort quickly developed into engaging six interstate sales agents to on-sell Lily’s brand.

With a background as a business owner, Lily gained immense experience in dealing and negotiating with people from diverse backgrounds.  Lily understands the importance of having strong communication skills with clients (Buyers or Sellers) – something Lily prides herself on.

As a business broker she has successfully negotiated and sold cafés, retail shops and off-the-plan freehold property (residential and commercial). Lily’s clients often refer her services to their own family and friends – which is the highest compliment an agent can expect to receive.  Lily’s attentiveness towards Sellers and Buyers ensures she delivers a professional service that in turn delivers the best possible outcome.

Because Lily is the only Chinese speaking business broker in Benchmark’s Brisbane office she naturally attracts the Chinese market, she also networks within the Chinese business community that includes professional solicitors and accountants etc – and has created a large data base of Chinese Buyers and Sellers. Lily speaks fluent English and this allows her to communicate with business Buyers and Sellers as well. She holds a Diploma in Accountancy, and you can rest assured that Lily has a solid business foundation to contribute to any business transaction.

On weekends, Lily successfully operates a Mandarin Chinese School on Brisbane’s Bay side. The school is designed to educate and help local children and adults to learn the Mandarin language, culture, art and the history. The school leads Lily to a very large Chinese community data base.

Away from work Lily says: “family comes first” she loves spending time with family and lives an active life, studying and participating in the art of Jujitsu, weight training, jogging and hiking with a passion for travel, music and dance.

Lily has a bubbly personality that quickly shines through the minute you meet her. She is a friendly, outgoing, healthy and fit person and as a business broker – is driven to deliver results. Contact the Best Chinese Business Broker Brisbane today!

Lily Small 小妍



当地部分华人称Lily Small小妍为最诚信,最专业的生意买卖经济代理人!



在加入Benchmark Business 前,Lily Small  小妍 ,在澳学习后创立,经营自己的时尚品牌, 成功经营供应商生意约9年。

Lily Small 小妍,从小学开始放学后帮父亲在零售行业服务顾客。学会很多商业,服务经验及为人诚信服务之本。通过在澳洲的经营管理经验,加上财会专业文凭,Lily Small小妍获得大量广泛商业知识,业务能力。

Lily 热心于帮助在澳或要来澳的华人免费咨询商业投资移民项目。帮助联系专业双语法律,移民,会计顾问。帮您成功购买或销售生意,物业。

Lily 的大量客户来自于口碑相传。

热心,坦诚,高度广泛的商业经验,财务知识与高效的协调沟通能力使Lily Small 小妍 深受华人与当地西人的欢迎与信赖。

Lily Small 小妍,在布里斯本市东区成功创办管理中文学校已有近7年,她利用业余时间帮助传播中华文化及传统美德。

工作之余Lily 喜欢与两个女儿,家人一起。 她爱好健身,武术,旅游,美食。

需要帮忙吗? 立即电话,邮件Lily Small 小妍吧




下为两个顾客对Lily Small 小妍的好评信:


Testimonial from buyer Mrs Chen and Xin Xin Chen



亲爱的Lily Small 小妍

首先要表示一下对Lily Small小姐的感谢,感谢她在我们认识之后,做了大量的工作来帮助我找到了一个适合我们实际情况的投资方式。也正是因为她做的这些工作,才能让我安心并且放心的选择这一项投资,并且在接受之后任然感觉很开心。





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Thank you Lily Small

想买到可信的好生意找小妍! 感谢Lily Small小妍5个多月来为我耐心的专业生意购买服务。我第一次见小妍时,她便耐心咨询我购买生意的要求,我的生意背景,家庭及个人情况,她一次次不厌其烦为我介绍几个适合我要求的生意,帮我介绍律师,会计师 ,贷款咨询等等全方位的咨询。无论周末,节假日,他都会接我电话细心听我的需要,不惜时间帮我快速解决难题。 在生意购买合同中,小妍更是跟踪合同的每一个环节,及时与卖方,我,房东及双方律师跟进解决每一到问题,这才使我的生意购买能够顺利接手。 感谢 Benchmark Business Sales and Valuations 小妍 Lily Small 为我找到如此好的, 适合我各方面需求的生意!我一定会把我小妍介绍给我的朋友,亲属咨询生意买卖代理.
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