I am truly impressed by Ian Salter's negotiating skills and dedication to us as clients.

I am truly impressed by your negotiating skills and also your dedication to us as clients. We appreciate the amount of work you put into getting the job done which was well beyond what should have been required. My experience with Benchmark is beyond what we could have expected and you have helped for us to realise a life long dream which will help set our family up for the future.  You also gave me the best advice i have ever heard and i am sure to use it in all parts of my life in the future. “Next person who’s speaks, looses.” Absolute gold! Best wishes for the future. Melissa and Matt Hopper.

Ian Salter receives another Benchmark Business Sales Review.

Ian has a passion for helping clients, Buyers, or Sellers, to move to their next chapter in the most profitable and least disruptive manner. Licensed to operate in Qld and NSW Ian possesses high-level organisation skills and loves detail. Exceptionally skilled and experienced in sales and business, Ian has developed professional sales training techniques from recognised global sales training organisations and has owned, operated, and sold several of his own businesses since the 80’s. Get to know more about Ian Salter and his accomplishments by clicking the "View Profile" button below. Additionally, you can read other Benchmark Business Sales Testimonials from the "Broker" section above.

Ian Salter is a business broker at Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations.

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