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Selling a business is often a complicated process and can easily end up with a result that you don't expect. Would recommend to anyone that is considering selling their business in the next 12 months to talk to Michael about the steps you need to take in order to get the best possible outcome. Michael offers a professional service that makes the process a lot easier, preparing your business for sale, advertising and promoting the business, and negotiating with potential buyers -Sean McHugh | May 2022 Michael Vitullo receives another Benchmark Business Sales Review. With his knowledge and success in business, he offers genuine opportunities for both sellers and buyers to realise their goals and targets. Michael believes buying and selling business is about trust, professionalism, communication, transparency and the art of creating possibilities. Get to know more about Michael Vitullo and his accomplishments by clicking the "View Profile" button below. Additionally, you can read other Benchmark Business Sales Testimonials from the "Broker" section above. Michael Vitullo is a business broker at Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations.

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