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Why a Franchise?

Many Australian families have prospered in recent times, from the operation of a franchised business. Franchises are great businesses for conscientious individuals with a passion for success. Because franchised businesses have a set of rules and guidelines to follow – the business owner knows exactly what has to be done every day. It really makes success simple for the first time business owner or the experienced business owner. Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee, or if you want to buy or considering selling a Franchise, we have the very latest information regarding franchises for sale in Australia, including many new listings every week. You will find our specialist brokers have their own areas of expertise within the franchise sector, some are dedicated towards franchise Cafes and fast food takeaway and others are dedicated towards those non-food franchises such as; pool shops, bedding stores, building products, tyre retail, and furniture retail. In any event, we have the right franchise broker to do the job.

Benchmark – Franchise Business for Sale

Benchmark has a very extensive database of buyers looking to acquire a franchise business for sale right across Australia, and our specialist team of franchise brokers are available to meet your needs in a professional and confidential manner wherever you may be looking to buy or sell. Benchmark Business & Commercial Sales specialises in the sale of freehold and leasehold businesses around Australia and have offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and South Australia. Our Franchise Sales Division [FSA-Franchise Sales Australia] boasts a team of dedicated specialists with many years’ experience in business ownership, management, valuation and sales. Our experience not only covers established businesses but also the acquisition and development of potential new sites and outlets. We are also often retained to provide advice in market rental determinations.



“When we decided to sell our shop Ian Salter was our first point of contact, as we knew he specialised in not only Franchise sales, but in our field of business and we wanted an expert to represent our sale as we knew it was in incredibly involved process, so couldn’t risk it with just any broker.  It had to be one with extensive knowledge of this industry and one that we could rely on to always represent us professionally.

Ian travelled a long distance to visit us and discuss our thoughts regarding selling, and had to travel on many occasions, which never bothered him. From the first day to the last, he has always remained completely professional and provided us with plenty of feedback and information throughout the long process of selling a franchise.

It hasn’t been the easiest sale to make, it took time and effort, with many different people interested and constant work for Ian to do. But not once did he become slack, always responding to enquiries in a timely fashion and reporting back to us who had enquired.  We had many a few offers from different buyers over the course of the listing, including two contracts and Ian always perused everything to a standard that is not always easy to find in the world of sales.

Most of all, we appreciated Ian’s honesty and integrity. It is not in his nature to just tell people what they want to hear to benefit himself.  He has even gone above and beyond by offering his help on a physical level that involved moving heavy machinery, without asking for any compensation to do so.

We couldn’t recommend Ian Salter more highly to anyone considering to sell their business, as he will commit 100% to the job as if you were his only client. And you can’t ask for much more than that as a business owner.”


Many thanks

G & S Newman

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“Very helpful with information, with purchasing a business as this is our first one, & a fantastic knowledge of how everything should & does work (Great Job).”

Simon & Sharon Billingham

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“I found everyone at Benchmark to be very helpful. A wonderful company to deal with, very professional and friendly.
I will recommend Benchmark to anybody in future.” – S.K.

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