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Education and Training – Registered Training Organisation Business – RTO for Sale

Benchmark Business Sales has a dedicated division that specialises in Registered Training Organisation’s for sale within the Australian education industry.

There are over 4,000 Registered Training Organisations in Australia, the majority of which are privately owned. Benchmark Business Sales has a dedicated division that specialises in the sale of Registered Training Organisations.

The education industry is a specialty sector that requires specialist knowledge and experience and, at Benchmark Business Sales and Valuations, we have what is required to assist in the orderly sale of your RTO.

RTO’s are registered to deliver nationally-accredited training and, as such, they are subject to significant scrutiny to maintain their accreditation under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

When an RTO is sold the national regulatory body, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), must be notified in the prescribed manner.  It is not a requirement that they approve a sale but they must be notified by the vendor.

There are a number of potential traps and specific requirements when selling an RTO and you will benefit if you are well prepared.

Talk To a Specialist

RTO sales are most often achieved by way of selling the shares in the company that owns the registration.  This is because it is a condition of registration that it cannot be transferred.  Such a transaction may trigger an audit by the regulator.  It may even be necessary to re-register if the business has not been structured appropriately in the first place.

Such fundamental characteristics of the industry require specialist attention and our brokers are well-versed to be able to advise both sellers and buyers.

So entrust the sale of your RTO to a specialist, not just a sales person.

Call Russell Brockie on 0448 970 004 for a confidential discussion. He is one of the very few business brokers in Australia dedicated to the sale of RTO’s only.

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“I found everyone at Benchmark to be very helpful. A wonderful company to deal with, very professional and friendly.
I will recommend Benchmark to anybody in future.” – S.K.

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