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We sell hundreds of businesses every year

Seeking data on Business Sales in Australia?

Our Business Brokers have sold thousands of businesses over the years and as a result we have accumulated a lot of historical sales data on business transactions Australia wide. Search our sales data table below for immediate information. Get in touch with our business brokers for even more in-depth market statistics and data.

The table below can be sorted by date of business sale, location of the sold business, the type of business sold and the business sale price.


We Value Your Business, You’ll Value Our Experience.

There aren’t many challenges we haven’t seen. After many years in selling businesses – there aren’t many challenges that we haven’t seen or overcome before. So when you want to sell a business, we can show you how to make it easy. In fact, we have developed a proven formula to ensure that our clients obtain the outcome that they seek, quickly and efficiently.

Benchmark Business Sales works for business owners who are looking to sell a business. Benchmark brokers provide services to both public companies and private companies, – and individuals. We specialise in the sale of businesses in the price range up to $10 million. Our related company “Benchmark Corporate” has been established to undertake larger scale transactions.

Our team has the expertise to undertake most business sales engagements. Benchmark business brokers are paid by the seller (Vendor) and are required to act under the relevant state legislation of each state in Australia.

Benchmark also provides clients with business valuation services for small business valuation and appraisal. Benchmark has business valuers in each state and offers clients advice on the value of their business, for all sorts of reasons, such as business for sale, partnership buyout, resumption, stamp duty.


We have six offices in five states, and over 50 specialised, qualified business brokers on our team.