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Client Testimonials

"Rebecca Kratz , 19 May 2020 I have been looking to buy a hairdressing salon and contacted Benchmark. John was my broker, I knew exactly what I wanted, (and what I didn’t want). John knew which salon would be perfect for me and didn’t waste my time with salons I wouldn’t be interested in…"
"Zoi Mlinaric , 19 May 2020 A fantastic broker to deal with. I was delighted when I first spoke to John as many other brokers would not give me the time of day when I enquired. I'm really happy how john helped me get all the way to the finish line even through these uncertain times I am truly…"
"Iain Crouch , 19 May 2020 I would like firstly to say if anyone is looking at selling do not even speak to another broker as what this guy done for me was remarkable. I can’t believe I have sold and I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet right now consider we are going through this corona…"
"Evangelia , 19 May 2020 John kasapi is a great person to deal with and was extremely helpful and professional in making my goals come true even though we had a uncertain times with this coronavirus. I’m so glad I had someone to chat to throughout this stressful time and can’t wait to catch…"
"Matt Glyn , 06 Feb 2020 Thank you John. I have now sold down my chain of salons over the last 10 years. It was a very emotional experience for my partner and I to do so therefore. We put all our trust and faith in John to get the job done and I must say it was an amazing whirl wind…"
"Jade Morrison , 06 Feb 2020 John from Benchmark was an amazing broker to help us with the purchase of two salons. He was so detailed and thoroughly help us and our lawyer in the sales process. Having his knowledge and experience really helped us as we had two major leases in shopping centres to…"
"Catherine Smart , 06 Feb 2020 Absolutely brilliant business broker I have come across. Without him I highly doubt I would have been able to get my dream 2nd barber shop. I really appreciated John's patience and I’m so excited and proud to be the owner of  2 of the best barber shops around.…"
"Anil Thomas , 06 Feb 2020 Thanks, you John for your helping in getting us our first skin clinic business. We had a few sticking points in the process however John solved the problems with a few creative solutions. Thanks again for your…"