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Client Testimonials

"Fantastic result achieved by John Kasapi selling my 2 barber shops to 2 different buyers in 2 different locations. I cannot rate him more highly. I initial listed with a local broker and I only wish I knew about John first.  Throughout The deals on both shops it was great chatting to John and…"
"I found John professional and informative throughout the buying process. John was great when dealing with my accountant during the transaction and communicating with my lawyer to ensure a smooth sale. I’m delighted with my purchase and thank you for making this so…"
"ReGroup Solutions , 12 Aug 2020 Ian’s client was a director who had been in business for 51 years as cladding contractor. The Company had up to 100 employees working from owned factory premises and on-site at large commercial building sites nationally. The Director had been thinking of…"
"Eddie Griffith , 12 Aug 2020 Two years ago I reached the stage where I felt that I should look to sell the business and started meeting with business brokers who advertised in the newspaper’s classified and on Google. Information Memorandum showing what the business had done in the past, the…"
"Peter Mills , 12 Aug 2020 Our dealings with Benchmark have been via our Broker Russell Brockie. Russell has been outstanding in all dealing's around the sale of Icon Training Academy. It's been a pleasure working with him in not only business but has a person, a wonderful man. His level of…"
"John was very helpful in finding many solutions to getting me into my first salon. I’m so excited about starting in my new salon for the new year ahead. Thanks for making it…"
"John you are an absolute champ! Thanks for all your help mate. You really went above and beyond helping me with leasing and negotiable lower rental and even a cracking fitout contribution amount. I will be calling you for the next…"
"I was recommended to talk with John through a valued industry contact. I must admit It took a while to find the right buyer but once we did I couldn’t have had anyone better look after the sale and the process.  I was super anxious throughout and I had the added pressure of the world wide…"