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By choosing to talk to a professional brokerage you will greatly improve your result – whether you are buying or selling. [�]

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Rural Business Sales For Sale

Australian rural businesses require a specialised approach to marketing and sale. This is primarily because demand for Australian rural businesses is not as strong as it is for urban businesses.

Many rural-based businesses I Australia are high quality businesses, but through poor representation and marketing they are often unable to be sold at a price which represents fair value to the business owner.

Over many years Benchmark has observed that many owners have not only had poor representation, but there has been a worrying trend for some agents to charge rural business owners heavy marketing fees to sell their business – and then those agents disappear……

Benchmark Rural Business Sales specialists will professionally represent their clients, and will achieve sales through;

  • Properly appraising and setting an appropriate asking price
  • Producing a comprehensive sale plan
  • Producing a low-cost effective (and realistic) marketing plan
  • Working with (qualified) migration buyers
  • Knowing where buyers come from
  • Acting pro-actively

Let us assist with your enquiries in Rural Business Sales today.

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