Yiling Tang


Yiling has successfully managed a Newsagency with Tatts Lotto in Adelaide and sold her business in 2013. She joined the Benchmark since February 2014.

She studied Medicine in China, graduated as a doctor in 1995, trained as a specialist in the area of ophthalmology, achieved Master Degree in 2007. Yiling immigrated to Adelaide in 2010. She experienced many hardship and had a great understanding of new immigrant’s difficulties. At the same time, she obtained an abundance of experience of business and Australian society. That is why she devoted herself to business broking. As a previous business owner, she has a deep insight of business and can understand both sides of the sale, this is greatly helps business owners and purchasers to achieve a successful outcome. She has sold most of the businesses to the local overseas buyers. Her motto is ‘We Value your business, you’ll value our experience.’

As a trained medical professionalist, she passes many characteristics to business sale such as problem solving, detail management, persistence and tenacity, proactive, passionate to people and so forth. You will be guaranteed with a completely different experience when you deal with Yiling Tang.

Yiling can provide double language service with Chinese (Mandarin) and English. She will target your business in multicultural markets including Australia and win a double chance of sale. For a confidential conversation, please call Yiling Tang at 0412 265 932 or Free Call 1300 366 521 today!


唐义灵于1995毕业于中国的医科大学,,曾经担任7年眼科医生, 并于2007年取得硕士学位。自2010年移民南澳洲之后,曾经历过许多艰难困苦,深刻了解新移民的困境。同时,她也在生意经营期间取得了诸多的商业经验并深入了解澳洲社会,这也是她投身生意经纪行业的重要原因。作为一名前企业主,由于对生意的洞悉使得她能够同时站在买卖双方的立场上考虑问题,这极大地帮助了生意的顺利成交。她大多数生意均出售给当地的海外买家。她的座右铭是:我们评估您的生意,您评估我们的经验。


唐义灵能够为您提供普通话和英语双语服务。她将您的生意定位于包括澳洲在内的多元文化市场,使得您的生意有更多的成功售出机会。如您想就生意买卖事宜进行私人咨询,请今日致电手机0412 265 932 或免费电话 1300 366 521。

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