Rooney Zhou

A marketer that excels in business brokerage like Rooney Zhou is rarely found.

Rooney worked at a multinational conglomerate after graduating from the University of Sydney with a marketing major in 2014. He made his debut by delivering marketing projects to nail down distributors and high-profile investors from China to businesses in Australia, predominantly the manufacturers and merchants of wines and other consumer goods.

He used to target high net worth individuals, municipal governments and some of the largest Chinese corporations, Wanda and Tencent to name but a few. The very first 2 years of his career have seen him leading and delivering over 10 marketing projects out of different tricky requirements.

Having emerged from an interpreter to nowadays a marketing guru, Rooney is often regarded as analytical yet empathetic, coherent and discreetly sharp.

Rooney is a member of AUSINO Business & Culture Alliance.

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